ICC Profile Guide

ICC Profile Guide

In this topic we will go over how to resolve any color issues you may be experiencing regarding your Sublimation Ink, Software Color Profile and your Printer Profile.

Live help can be obtain by joining the Heatpress Community Discord and purchasing a Tier 2 plan. If you wish to save time and ink, you can purchase a Tier 3 which includes Tier 2 services and includes a Custom ICC to perfect your print colors.

If using different software or hardware, you will need to verify if the setup is capable of utilizing ICC's and then be able to create your baseline as close as you can to the following Guide.

EPSON and Photoshop ICC Setup

Photo reference: https://imgur.com/gallery/mJoeCok

  1. Open Photoshop, create a new project and setup the settings below:

  2. Press Ctrl+P, configure print settings as shown.

  3. Navigate to your printer in control panel, right click and open properties. Configure as shown within both photos and respective tabs.

  4. Click edit > color settings > verify RGB is ProPhoto RGB > click ok

  5. Print the file below from Photoshop

  6. Repeat step 2, changing your printer profile to any RGB profile available and reprint on the same paper. Be sure to move your artwork to print in an available spot and to label each print out.

  7. Join the discord and upload your printed ICC color sheets to #General-Assistance for the moderator team to assist you.

If none of the generic profiles work, you will need to purchase a Tier 3 plan.

Verifying Colors in Custom Artwork

By opening your color palette in Photoshop, you can see if the color selected is within or out of gamut (aka, can your printer create this color). The 2 warning signs below tell you which type of color is suitable for:

  • Warning sign - Out of gamut for printing (aka it cant print it)
  • 3D Box - Not a web safe color, aka websites and screens won't produce it properly

Utilize colors that do not have both errors as they will match as close to the ICC of your Epson printer as possible. It will never show error boxes as they are within the defined accepted color range.

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